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YMCA Masters National Meet

April 20-23, 2023
 Ft. Lauderdale Aquatic Center

About YMCA Masters Nationals


What we refer to as “Y Nationals” is the YMCA Masters National Championship meet, held once a year, usually in Florida.  It brings together swim teams from all over the country for four days of competition. It is large (500+ participants ages 18-90+), but not overwhelming.  There are no qualifying times so there is a wide range of swimmers – from former Olympians to first-time competitors.  We train hard and swim our best, but our main goal is having fun.

YMCA Masters Nationals 2023 (Ft. Lauderdale, FL)

We had a very successful and fun YMCA Master Nationals. Our team did an amazing job taking 5th overall with 1,613.50 points. The fourth place team (Rite-Hite Family YMCA) only scored 74 more points than us even though they had 20 more swimmers! Everyone swam very well at the meet and it shows in the results.  The women’s team got 3rd overall with 1,066.50 points, only 53.5 points away from the second place team. Congratulations to the women’s team.


We had a ton of new team records set and the mixed 75+ relay also set a YMCA National record in the 200 Medley. The record was last set in 2004.  Please join me in congratulating the record breakers on some very fast swimming.


Mixed 75+ 200 Medley Relay – 2:49.87 ** new YMCA National Record**

Christine Jorgensen, Jack Iliff, Sally Iliff and Joe Jackins

2023 Meet Results

YMCA Masters Nationals 2022 (Sarasota, FL)

The 2022 Y Nationals team had a very fun and successful meet. Our team placed 4th overall in the combined team score, 2nd for the Women’s team and 4th for the Men’s team. Pretty good for only having 21 swimmers. There were almost 500 potential 1st place awards in the swim meet. Our team captured 51 first places. That is 10% and we had about 7 % of the total number of swimmers at the meet. Congratulations to everyone.


2022 Meet Results

Team Award
Nationals Team
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